About the author:


About the author:


Penelope Brown grew up in Warninglid, England - a magical little village that has been the inspiration for her writing. Many storyline ideas originated from systematic dreams that she journaled growing up; later research would reveal that her notes were uncannily accurate. Now she has decided to share her stories with the world. 


After moving to the United States with her family, Brown graduated from Florida State University's College of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She worked as a Regional District Manager and advisor for a Fortune 500 company, before leaving to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time writer. 


Brown is an avid reader of 'the greats' and lives in Florida with her two sons, loving husband, and disobedient dog. Her plans are to expand her scientific-based fantasy novels; her focus based on truths and research. She believes that anything is possible, and she is willing to explain how.



Note from the author:


"My novels require an open mind and a passion for a great adventure. I sincerely hope you enjoy my work and find it compelling enough to share with your friends and family."